What plugins are used in the courses?

The majority of our courses are designed so that the minimum amount of plugins are required. Whenever possible we try to use the built in plugins of the DAW being used so as to minimise cost to the end user.


To complete most courses you will require at least

1 - A DAW (such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro)

2 - A Software Synthesiser (such as ANA)


We recommend that you have at least one Software Synthesiser in order to complete most courses. We have designed our own that has received Universal Acclaim - (ANA) which can be purchased at a 40% discount for subscribers from the Xtra Store


Some courses on the site are also created by Artists to give an insight into how they create their own tracks in a professional environment. Because of this they tend to use a lot more 3rd party plugins and samples which cannot be helped - so please bare this in mind whenever watching our Artist Series courses.

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