Sign up for an account

To sign up for an account on Sonic, simply do the following


1. Select Join Now from the menu top left

Jin Now.png


2. Enter the email address you wish to be used for this account

Enter Email Address.png


3. Choose your subscription type, either Quarterly or Yearly. Chhoose Subscription Type.png


4. Sign up to the newsletter to receive a FREE sample pack Newsletter.png


5. Click to proceed to the payment page. Proceed to Payment.png


6. Choose either Card or Paypal details. 

choose card or paypal.png


7. Select payment method, confirm country and complete purchase.

Complete Purchasse.png


8. Open the account confirmation email sent to your registered email, and click the confirm account button.

Confirm Email.png

9. Choose a unique Username and Password, and activate your account. 

Cmplete Account Details.png





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