How do I install my A.N.A 1.5 license key?

To install your ANA License key we are assuming you have already installed ANA


After installing ANA - please do the following


1. Sin in to your account using the sign in button on the top left of the website

Log in.png


2. Select "Your Account" from the menu at the top of the screen

Your Account.png

2. In the "My Downloads" section of your account, click the ANA License Key File

ANA Key.png

3. Choose a location and download the file


Choose doanload location.png

4. Open your DAW and insert ANA into a MIDI track. 


ANA Daw.png


5. Open the ANAPlugin window in your DAW and click the "register" button

DAW with arrow.png


6. Go to the location where you stored the Key File, select and click open.

Direct to key file.png


7. Click OK and start using ANA. 

ANA registered.png

If have problems please submit a ticket to our customer service.

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