How do I install KICK (v1 - Nicky Romero Edition)?


1. Log in to your account using the log in button on the top left of the website


2. Select "Your Account" from the menu at the top of the screen


Select "My Downloads" from your account area


3. Select the "Plugins" section to access KICK



4. You will notice there is a download option for the KICK installer - as well as a KICK license key. Please download both of these and save them to the same location


5. The installer is compressed using a ZIP containter - to extract it simply double click it and the KICK installation folder will appear after extraction


6. In this folder contatins installers for both MAC and PC. Also included is a License key installer for installing your KICK license key




7. Run the appropriate KICK installer (Mac / PC) and follow the on screen instructions to install.



8. Once completed run the License Key installer - Select "Yes" when requested and then select your KICK.license key from your downloads



8. You will get a success message if all went OK


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